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“It’s a Small World after all”
Very small, indeed.
This connects us with every man in the planet,
Through only four simple people.
The white are connected with the black,
And the Red Roses are connected with this fusion.
The Princess realized this, feared it at that.
She noticed that as the people enter and leave,
She was in trouble. People had big mouths now a day.
She fills the water glass half way.
It’s pretty self explanatory what she saw.
Half full, or half empty? I’ll leave that for you to decide.
She was alone now. Her future husband now turned a frog.
Of course, this is an exaggeration!
No one has been turned into a frog,
At least not from the outside.
She turned to look at her mirror, she saw nothing.
She was beautiful, at least in his eyes.
This man watching from the tree outside her window,
Had no idea how to reach inside. Guard in every corner.
Armed to fight, to protect, to live, obviously if anything happened,
It would be on there life, and then who would feed the families?
This man knew the princess very well. He had been watching her for a while.
She of course knew as well, but through the eyes of another person.
This “other” person was her father. Who had watched this man since he was a baby,
Until he died of the plague. This is where all fear comes from.
If we are connected to everyone through four people,
And one out of four has the plague, then we are damned.
Forced to die, one by one, because of our gift turned curse.
But that is not the story. The story is about the man at the tree.
Full of self-doubt, but persistent, very persistent, he jumped.
The princess did not react, for a moment.
She was afraid of the plague. She gave a shriek and the man stopped.
He said he was not infected, his blood was pure, and thus his heart was as well,
His veins did not carry the curse, and thus neither did his arteries.
She asked him who he was, he replied a shadow. Watching over you.
She asked what he meant, and how long he had been with her.
He replied with “You already know”. He heard the guards come, he kissed the princess.
He was about to leap onto the tree once more when the princess asked “why?”
“My duty is not only you,” And with that kiss, He left as fast as a Ninja takes a life.


"I have a dream"
he said
those brown cheeks
speaking truths

my dog henry
perked up
and listened
like a pirate
when lands a-hoy

the old repeats
of those famous
inspirational moments
you were never alive
to witness
though your ears look round
and your head spins
when they're shown

in black and white
with rickety film reels
and soft focus
with centred subtitles, dating
and placing the moment
on a tapestry

along a period of time
your tapestry grows
as you piece together
what happened before you
world wars, slave trade
murders, deaths, marriages
kings and queens
great battles
and great fighters

my tapestry
was once eaten
by my dog henry
I beat him to death
in words and pictures

It's all inside out, I with my out was inside.

The entrance was laid
upon her feet.
Beige rubber tiles line the ground
suffocating heat, created by the
filthy perspirating bodies
the already moist atmosphere.

Standing still,
“captain” smarty Rodriguez Lopera Fernandez
stands around.
by some motive, unknown to me.

Sitting in the corner opposite
I try to hide
under my black hair. Matted,
it’s already far to stealth-less.

And so I watch this “woman” that
holds herself
far above the others standing,
sitting, squatting or simply lurking in the main-area of
Oviedo’s Conservatory, waiting for their child’s timetable.

By God, your daughter is ravishingly delicious daughter
looking at me?

You aren’t really that, but, your
broken green umb-e-rella, you husband,
such a sorry excuse for a side-kick
give you a gruff-deck-masteresque look.

Complain! Wha? Complain! Wha? Complain? Wha? Will you shut up?

Standing up, recovering from my tiring
period seated, I’m tempted to quote the Irish play write
and shout: “THE WORLD IS IN A CHASIS!” – at you.
I’ll refrain, though, I’d rather just
at the monument you have left the world to

-“Platos tentadores?” the girl asks me. Yes,
darling, next time I see you, I will be having a
delicious breakfast, of course.
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....OMFG you have lyrics to the new Metallica record!!!


what do u mean??? Tallica? no way man.
tough tough tough decision here.

Green, I surprisingly liked a lot. I thought the storytelling there was very well done.

Blue is just very good.

And red is very eloquent, with a very original and appreciable voice.

....I'll have to come back on this.
I liked blue.
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what do u mean??? Tallica? no way man.

Man you people really gotta recognise sarcasm when ya see it.....