well... im final to my breaking point on my computer. the problem is that it registers when i plug into the USB ports, however, i cant access anything i plug into them. It's this way with all 4 of them, making it extremely hard to plug in my external hard drive or ipod, and very aggravating to transfer files to and from class, which is necessary for the program of study i am in. (run on) ANYWAYS... if anyone is knowledgeable about these kind of things, please tell me if you know what the problem is.

please dont post if you dont know what you are talking about.
maybe reinstall the drivers...or update them
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Couple of solutions: 1. verify that if there are any drivers needed you have them installed. Often times the flash drives\HDDs will install themselves, but be sure.

2. When you plug something up, does it show in My Computer? If not, does it never come up, or just sometimes? If it works sporadically, I would check to see if there is something wrong internally (e.g. hardware). It doesn't take much to bust the USB ports.
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well it never comes up on my computer. it registers on the taskbar though and i can still "safely remove hardware", however, it is not accessible.
so my computer never shows a H:/ or G:/ for the usb drive but it shows in the bottom right of the screen? Did it ever read the USB's before, or is this new. And.. you might want to reinstall usb drivers.
its new. well, its been not working for about 3 months now, but it used to work fine.
So im assuming it works on other computers, either your usb's are busted or you could try reinstalling drivers for it. There also might be a problem with permissions, are you an admin on your computer?