Well i am buying a new amp i started playing guitar about 6 months ago and i am tired of my crappy frontman 15g, so i need some suggestions on an amp to buy. I like to play metal like metallica, megadeth, pantera, etc... but i also want it to be versatile to be able to play some classic rock. I have 350 bucks to spend and i want it to be between 40-100 amps. Please suggest an amp and thank you.
You might wanna check out either a Vox AD30, or an Epi Valve standard. Altho the Epi is only 5w, tube volume is much louder than SS volume. So rly, the Epi should be loud enuff for a room like that.
I wouldn't really bother - I've had a ****ty fender practice amp since I started playing just under two years ago, and thats fine.

If you really want to get a new amp, buy a Line 6. Relatively cheap, comes with built-in effects.
I want it to be loud to jam with my friends who play the bass and drums so i was thinkin the peavey envoy 40W i think that should make me happy