Well i am buying a new amp i started playing guitar about 6 months ago and i am tired of my crappy frontman 15g, so i need some suggestions on an amp to buy. I like to play metal like metallica, megadeth, pantera, etc... but i also want it to be versatile to be able to play some classic rock. I have 350 bucks to spend and i want it to be between 40-100 amps. Please suggest an amp and thank you.
I dunno but what ever you do, dont be presured into buying a Marshall MG, your frotman will probly sound better then them!

EDIT: You should also check out the ultimate amp thread or something I forget what it's called but but it basically tells you everything you need to know, if it's not stickied then just look it up.
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Your budget will get you a decent 5 watt tube combo and a distortion pedal. No MG's, Spiders,etc.
I want it to be louder than just 5 watts of tube because my friend plays bass and my other friend plays the drums so if we want to jam i wont be able to be heard with a little 5 watt amp