Well, a kid at my school died yesterday. He was in a car accident on monday night and remained in critical condition for about 24 hours before passing away. I didnt know him, he was a junior, and I'm a freshman, but from what I hear he was a good guy, played sports, played guitar, had lots of friends. Everyone in school was really sad and quiet today, especially the teachers, many of my teachers had him sometime in the past few years. This is the second death we've had in the past 4 months, with another student, Andrew McDoughna(sp) dying of lukimia over the summer. It's really quite frightening to realize that people just about MY AGE who go to MY SCHOOL are dying, its just hard to grasp. I'd link to an article or a picture, but i cant find any on the internet right now. Thanks for reading, sorry if it didn't make a whole lot of sense, i just don't really know what to say.
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I'm sorry to hear.
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We have had about five deaths of students in the past month...and that is small considering how many have died in the past year.