im fine singing and shredding in some songs but others, such as bold as love - hendrix, im just crippled when i try to sing along and play.

any good tips?
or is it just practice x 20k

whenever i try and sing while playing i don't even think about the guitar part, once i know the part, it just kinda comes out. but thats just me
i had the same problem at first.....just practice....alot....or practice air guitar first while singing....other than that idk if there are specific techniques for doing it
Play the guitar part until you can play it and watch something on TV and not focus on the playing. I learn the guitar part until I can sit there and not even think about it, then focus on the singing.
Practice sounds like a good idea, yes. Slowly and consistently.

Maybe try singing only the rhythm of the vocal line over the guitar part, and focus on that until it sounds good before trying to sing the actual melody. I know a lot of guys who scream (i.e. rhythmic vocals) over complicated riffs, so that always seemed a little easier to accomplish as you don't have to think of a melody.
If ur trying to play something like hendrix and do riffs while u sing, thats difficult. Otherwise chords arent too difficult. As long as u dont do it constantly, you can kinda look down when u change. then again, BB King cant sing while he plays, so maybe its not too big of a deal.