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15 Minutes to Write, 3 Seconds to Embarrass Yourself

With my boot in your face
hit the ground hard
suck it
look up my skirt
and that's the last thing you'll see
before you're back down
with a black eye
Bring it

I'm a ninja in disguise
rockin' your world
while I rock the pink
Hiding in plain view
Just waiting for you
to feel me up.
It gives me an excuse
to beat you down.

"Tuna is chicken"
you stupid blonde
with your fake Prada
and fake blue eyes
li-li-li-li-lick me
fu-fu-fu-fu-**** me
bi-bi-bi-bi-bite me
do-do-do-do-do me

Bring it with the brass
I'll give it to you hard
Steel Toed
with boots to my knees
I'm a deadly little child
I'm a ninja in disguise
Sence? Ha!
This makes none.

Bedside Windows

This is another meaningless pillowtop musing
Nothing more than a whisper to a windowsill
A meaningless whiff of baby's breath
On the breeze in this indigo night

The stars are a pattern, painted by the heavens
Tonight, in a stunning, unnatural display
Of a portrait of Cupid: eyes wide, mouth agape
At the disaster occuring before him

Why is it that his arrows always miss their marks?
Why must they always hit unwilling hosts?
I sympathize with them, the butt of every joke
I'll allow myself a moment of retrospection, then I digress

The drama; the saga plays out in my mind
I am "but a walking shadow, a poor player"
I am all but the narrator and the antagonist
The source of the salt and your wounds

I am the pirate, the villain, the scoundrel
The one who gave you promises by the shipload
Only to leave you, with a stack of crowns
Meaningless in anything but material value

You,the would-be white-robed protagonist
The manufactured unsung hero of the rebellion
The one who emerges triumphant out of the battle
Your clothes, wine red with your trials.

You stormed into court, fresh from battle
Only to sing the verses of my supposed trail
Of twisted hearts and broken minds
The only way for me to see this is with my eyes closed.

Let the waves come, let the clouds pool themselves
Into something tangible, something more than smoke
"Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain"

About how it seems awfully hard just to be yourself

This painted wooden bifold door opens up
To this spastic wardrobe of yours filled
with uncertain bands of cloth and
clumsy shirt unbuttoning.
I suggest we face the problematic right away :
It's a god damn Pandora box.
You're supposed to get in there to get dressed.
The thing is, you just dress up.

And from there it's daily uncertainty
as you're borrowing numerous
famous personalities.

Like when you put on that black eye patch
Seeing only half of what you should see
and burying your most precious treasures in sand
before abandoning them on desert islands.

It took me quite a few shampoos
to get rid of all the sand in my hair that day.

Some other days you're getting out with more
serious business, with a classy dress and
half-expansive perfume. Yes, this one has more of a
sienna scent feeling to express. Something way more
mature than what I'm used to.

But then again, you're still a long way from
Maturity. You're a transvestite when it comes to
Identity. Every time you come out of that wardrobe,
you're a different kind of people. Unable to assume
it's very own personality. Absolutely no
Autonomy. Your blue and white wasteland is far from ready
to become a country. If one day you're the
average 60's worker, I'll be Charles de Gaulle
And I'll step in that god damned wardrobe
and even though you're not ready
I'll turn to you and scream "Vive le Quйbec Libre!"

Sometimes I think we're god damn musketeers
Like Comte D'artagnan, doing wrong things for the right reasons-
Wait. Maybe it's the other way around.
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Who wrote the green one??

Add: Didn't like any of them but green one was interesting
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