So, I'm getting a new amp but I don't know which one should I pick, I've read all the stikies in this sub-forum, I've used the search but and I've spent many hours reading all that stuff but I still need help on this stuff.
So I was thinking on get a all tube amp, but the problem is that they're a bit expensive for me right now, so in my price range (550> i don't know what to pick, if a combo, a SS, or a "mini" all tube amp.I play mostly metal stuff, almost all kinds of metal to be precise, from maiden to lamb of god (for example), and i've read that Vox Valvetronix are good, so the Peavey Valveking and many other ones.
I don't have problems in getting lots of distortion because i own a "Crap" Boss MT-2 and that should fit to the job.
I was leading to a Peavey ValveKing 112 or 212 Combo, so i need more opinions on these, even if i get that one i could change the tubes to get a better sound (don't know which ones but later i would ask that here).
Please help me and post some opinions around here, i'll be very greatefull.
BTW, right now i've a "line 6 spider whatever" so anything should be a lot better.
Thx and sorry if my english is bad
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550 what? Euros, I'm guessing?

The Valveking would probably be a good amp for you. I'm not sure what is and isn't available where you are, but if you're able to buy from somewhere like Thomann, that shouldn't be much of a problem. You could also try the Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube. Thomann have a fairly good price on that, too. You might need something to push it into metal territory, though.

This, however, will probably be the best, and it's only slightly over your budget.


It's designed for metal and stuff.
I guess it's up to you, but I personally hate the Valveking. Sure, it's a tube amp, but that doesn't mean it's a good tube amp. The Valvetronix however is a very fine modeling amp, and you have a great range of tones with it. Well, that's my opinion at least.
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VK + speaker swap + tube swap = very nice amp. i saw a video of a guy playing through a valveking with celestions (what do you call them? g12k100?) no idea if the tubes were stock or not but it sounded very nice. i just wish i knew where the video was, it was some myspace bandpage. but I personally don't mind the VK at all. randall is a good choice if you don't want the hassle though, i'm not sure which would sound better as i've never tried the randall
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Hmm, i see.I don't know if i can get a Randall here in Portugal or Spain for a good price.If I expand my budjet to say 700€ or something like that, what would be ur opinion on what amp??
First i was trying to get a ENGL Powerball Head because it has a good price here in a shop, but that needs a cab and makes things a lot more expensive.So what are ur guess about a budget of 700€> metal or whatever amp, tube or anything else but i prefer something with at least 1 tube xD
Thx again
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Well, Thomann ship to Portugal, I think, so you could order something from them. You could get the Randall from them and it would be within your budget. I think that might be your best bet, but I'm not sure what any other prices are like in Portugal.

Anyway... www.thomann.de

Have a look. Their prices are pretty good
Ok i guess i'm seeing the prices in thomann.
What about the 5150 combo that everyone's talking about, what is the manufacturer of that one??
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Those are made by Peavey. You'd have to go used in order to get one, though. The 6505s are quite expensive. However, they don't have a great clean tone, and if you need cleans then that might be a problem. But if not, you should definitely look into them. A lot of metal bands use/used them.
Ahh!For that ones i allready know the price unfortunatly
I'll guess i'm leadind into the Randall one u mentioned, i'm going to get my hands on one of them to try the sound for my own.Do u think they can beat the 120w of SS Line 6 Spider II crap easily, is like 50w of tube in the case of the Randall one isn't it???(stupid question but is just to check my mind)
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Valve amps sound louder than SS amps. That Randall will sound as loud as, or even louder than, the Spider will.
BTW, can the Randall handle the detuned guitar tones??Like drop C, 2 steps down and stuff like that??
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I can't see why not. It's designed to create heavy tones, so chances are it will give a pleasing detuned sound.
Many thx man.Thx for had wasted time with my boring questions.I'll shure try the Randall.Lets see what the my ears say
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