Hey there,

i'm just wondering if you can alter (whether that mean change the fingerboard/frets or whatever) a Gibson Les Paul Standard neck to make it into a compound Radius neck (neck becomes flatter as you move towards the body).

i was playing the Fender SRV strat and the compound radius feature is really cool to play.

thanks in advance.
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Not unless you want to change the neck, quite a project on a Les Paul.
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you could, but it rly might not be a good idea. Gibson finishes are rather thick, kinda why u dont see many Relic-style Gibsons. And the only way i could think of doing it if u got to the raw wood would be to plane it, which would end up with u having a very round spot going into a very flat spot. so i wouldnt do it, but its possible. And its not a bolt-on, so u cant buy one or make one.
ah. i see why this could be a bitch to do.

i'll probably just leave the LP neck alone, i love that guitar, wouldn't want to risk ruining it (it's neck already has a feel to it that i'd describe as 1 in a million).

also i'll probably just look at buying the SRV strat, i did like it quite a bit when i was playing around with it.
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