Hey guys, I'm not great at electronics, but I've done some kits and repairs and am always trying to learn, so please help me out.

I want to build a pickup winder instead of paying $350 for one or using a drill clamped to a table etc. The idea only came to me a few hours ago so maybe I havn't thought it through entirely yet,

It seems pretty simple to me: a power supply, a motor, a pot to adjust the speed, and a frame and base to hold all this.

Here are some of my noob questions:
1. is this all I need or am I really overlooking something?
2. Is there an easy (or low-end intermediate) way to build and include a counter so that I know how many winds I have done, rather than estimating the winds per minute and timing each pickup.
3. What kind of impedance should the pot have that controlls this, and wouldn't a linear pot work best?
4. Is a pot all I need to adjust the speed of the motor?
5. If I use an adjustable, say 0-12v power supply with pot, would that be better than putting a pot between the power supply and the motor or vice versa?
6. Instead of using a pot can anyone recomend a way to have several set speeds, ie: 250 wpm, 500wpm, 750wpm, I'm starting to think about a switch but I wouldn't know how to set the voltage values appropriately resistor-wise, or what kind of switch to use and how to wire it.

My electronics knowledge isn't great (as you can obviously see) but I am more than comforable building kits and the like, and I have done some amp and guitar mods, so any suggestions even if they are complicated (with including a counting device for example)are welcome. Also, if anyone has any neat ideas to add they should do that!

I'll link the parts I was already considering in a bit, basically a 12V dc motor and a12 v power supply or an adjustable 0-12v power supply.
Go to guitarattack.com and look at how they did their home-made winder.

EDIT: Here:http://www.guitarattack.com/winder/winder1.htm
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Check out the pickup makers forum, there is heaps of info on different winders and on making pickups.

There are plently of different ways to make a winder. He's mine, it isn't perfect but it may gice you some ideas.
(About hlaf way down the page.

For a counter you can buy electronic counter kits that can paired with a hall effect or reed switch and do a great job.