i have them on my jazz right now but im not a huge fan. id rather either go w/ rounds or flats, they just have a weird feel. theyre real rigid and dont feel that good under my fingers. they do have agood tone. i just dont think they feel right, it almost feels like they hinder my playing abilities.
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I don't know if these are quite what you mean, but I have used Rotosound's ground top strings on the Fender, and they were pretty good. A little weird in feel, they kinda feel like that brushed aluminium finish you get on car dashboards, in a way. Not smooth, but almost silky. I found I could slide around more quickly, and with less slide noises too. They're brighter than flats, tonally, but I felt they didn't last very well - presumably as a result of having half the outer wrap ground off!
What have you to lose in trying them? They won't be so alien as to be unusable, and if you really don't like them, chalk it down to experience and buy something else next time.