Right so I'm taking a construction tech course in school and we have to think of a project to build. So I thought what the hell, I'll build a guitar. Depending on how well it goes...I can try and get it to work, but my main idea is just to make it look realistic and hang it on my wall or some sort of room decoration. So basically what I'm asking is what type of wood should I use for the guitar? Price isn't really an option as I won't be using much, I'm just not sure exactly what would look best. I'll post pics when I'm done if anyone's interesting but it'll be a while so I'll most likely forget. Thanks in advance almighty pit
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Well, if your not gonna play it much/at all, then just make it out of mdf or plywood. Itll sound truly terrible but its so cheap its not worth paying more if your not gonna use it much.
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Try the gear building and customizing section.
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make an amp instead, all you gotta do is get an input jack, a volume control, and a speaker and some wires, alot easier than a guitar if you ask me
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