Great Deals before i put them on Ebay.
I will ship to the US if people want, but you are paying for the shipping costs.

Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz Pedal.
Fuzz with EQ.


Rayder Stereo Chorus.

Got this for free from one of my dads friends, VERY nice simple chorus pedal with speed and depth. He says its a really rare pedal
Im asking £20 (about + whatever postage (shipping) costs on top of that.. Its been used very heavily but it still works perfectly.

Fender Princeton 65DSP

This was a Present a while back, Its from the early 00's late i believe.
My parents paid £280 for this, it was a steal.
they have sicne released a re-designed version that sells for £360!
I have played it, and mine sounds a LOT better and more natural.
This thing is a BRILLIANT Solid state amp, it really has an amazing clean tone, and a nice OD channel too, it goes really loud aswell.

I've seen these go for up to £200

Im gonna need to be persuaded on this one so offers nearest to £150 (around $280-300) will win me over on this one.


Mirror Effect Metal Telecaster Pickguard.
I made this myself and it should fit any standard tele (Squier or Fender)
Ill polish it up before i post it too.
£5 for this.

Thats it guys.
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Quote by schecter_chris
would u trade the fuzz for my dd3?

Yeah, let me try out the DD3 first though

but soudns like a good deal.
Hmm i dont know actually.

I think im trying to use this sale to fund for a headrush pedal and another REALYL cheap EQ.

Depends on how i feel :P

If you dont still use your EQ chuck that in too?
If i dont like the DD3 im trying out to trade for the fuzz.

Im taking no less than £60 + whatever postage costs.
Hey man, sorry to keep buggin you but how did you send my pedals? Havent got them yet soo just wonderin. Cheers
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220