Thanks to Mastodon, i have rly come to like the basic elements of Metal. I have always liked heavy, low, crunchy guitars, and driving songs. But what i eventually rly dont like about some bands are the vocals. Most are just too over-the-top for me.

Can anyone suggest any good Metal bands w/out total screamers?? I like Mastodon, The Sword (kinda new), Old Metallica, and Motorhead, being the inventors ( i think) of Thrash's sound and speed. i also like Slayer some, especially the song Angel of Death. Venom, the inventors of Black Metal, are also cool to listen to. thx in advance.
Sepultura - Beneath The Remains(best thrash record ever imo)
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King Diamond you might like. Also, Suicidal tendencies. Some of their earlier stuff. I haven't listened to any later stuff. Also, Exodus and testament. Hammerfall, Blind guardian, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Try those one's. Also, there's a recommendation thread.
i like Maiden and Preist. Everyone i kno only likes Metal Meltdown...a bit sad i think. Thx.
First of all, you'll get better replies in the rec. thread at the top of this forum.

Second, try listening to some Dark Tranquillity (maybe try the album Projector, as it has some clean singing as well as 'screaming'). They're pretty much the band that got me into extreme metal. If you like thrash, try some Dark Angel and Evile, vox are more on the extreme side but still not all out.
Candlemass,Reverend Bizarre,Overkill,Testament,Death Angel,Kreator.It seems you might like some Doom and Thrash.
listen to some symphonic metal bands like kamelot or nightwish, they arent thrash or screamo but theyre freakin awesome
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