i have a nashvill telecaster with a noiseless tele set, and a jb jr bridge in the middle position (weird huh?), and i have a series/split/parallel for the middle pup, and i want a phase switch for the bridge. i have an on/off/on switch the change up the bridge pup so its in-phase/off/out-of-phase, and i cant seem to wire it correctly. i did this wiring diagram http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=phase_reversal_singlecoils but it doesnt work, so does anyone have any ideas on how to make it work? i really want to make a phase switch for the bridge or the neck if anyone knows how to do tht. OR even better if you knew how to wire it for the middle humbucker then i would greatly appreciate it. thanks!!
That wiring diagram is correct, you must have done something wrong. For the middle bucker, you'd just use the hot and ground leads like a two-conductor pickup would have in order to reverse the phase.
How does it not work? Elaborate.
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