Poll: Which finger do you use when tapping
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View poll results: Which finger do you use when tapping
2 3%
pointer finger
18 29%
middle finger
37 60%
index finger
5 8%
pinky finger
0 0%
Voters: 62.
Which finger do you use when tapping.I was intrested to see how many ppl use which finger.I use mostly my pointer finger and sometimes my middle finger.
I use pointer, index, and ring on both fingers if needed. Otherwise I usually stick with my bad motherfinger.
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it kinda depends on the situation though. if i can't play it fast with my index/middle finger, i would just use my pick.
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I use my pick
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If its just like one tap ill use middle finger but for tapping sequences ill use pointer. Kinda hold pick with middle finger.
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Middle finger usually, so I can keep holding my pick with index & thumb and tap away.