Hey! I'm back with more songs for you to crit!!!

I dedicate this song to you-the classic love song

Phrase 1

When can I come up for air?
It seems you've taken all my breath.
When will I be able to sleep alone?
The thoughts of you are in my bed. Yeah.


You dont think I care. You dont even know i'm there.......


Just one look at you walking by, it keeps me going, keeps me going all this time. Outside I wear a smile. But inside i'm wishing, wishing you were mine. My heart aches for you, so I dedicate this song to you.

Phrase 2

Not a day goes by that I dont think of you.
I hear your voice inside my head.
I know everything, you ever do.
I've memorized everything you've said.

Pre-chorus 2

Baby I dont show it, but I definitely know it. (Chorus)

"I know everything you ever do"

if your planning on giveing this to a girl...take out this line. It sounds stalkerish, kinda creepy.