is a weeping demon as good as a dunlop 535q, and will it sound good while playing guns n roses thru it???

and, is it a true by pass??

thanks for the replies
i wouldnt say its as good, because its very different. THe 535, while not completely traditional, is much more so than the weeping demon. Ive personally never played it, but Ive heard it sounds great with gain but so-so clean.

and i dobut its true-bypass
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I hear it's harsh. That can be good or bad depending on your preferences. You may like the harshness or you may despise it.
ook, im asking this b.c i can get a weeping demon for 60 bucks from daddys,

i have another question lol
whats a good overdrive pedal top do gnr to killswitch engage stuff?
i have a boss sd-1 but i only use it as a solo booster.. its not a clean boost by the way, it makes it warmer and deeper, but i like it anyway. it was cheap too.
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