Short poem. Be nice guys.

Play all the chords of my heart
til you snap every string.
Destroy me with every note
til there no notes left to sing.
Am I supposed to find passion in pain?
Music in noise, a melody.
Silence at the sound of your voice
leaves me no choice. Die or leave.
This is the best poem I've ever read, on or off UG. I love the metaphore, and the flow is perfect, I wouldn't change anything about it....i seriously love this poem. Great job
I don't know about it being the BEST on UG, but it pretty good. I would change the fourth line myself, as I don't think you should use the word "notes" so soon after using it beforehand. Maybe something like "til there's nothing left to sing"?
Wow thats exactly what my friend told me, but I used notes twice in a row on purpose. I thought about using nothing instead, but I think it sounds a little better this way. Dunno though. Thanks for the crit.