Which amp (combo 2x12 would be most convient) would be a good addition with a Jackson RR3 Guitar? I have up to 500 to spend, so gimme some suggestions please
dude what combo can you get for 500 that is 2x12 if anything get a decent tube marshall or something but that might be a little too much where you live but really dude go t oyour shop and just ask because that is a too specific request and i wouldnt know what to tell you and most of the time i would have an answer
Well you can get a Crate with flexwave for 450. and various other amps, heck you can get an Crate or Randall Half stack for less than 500.
hahahahah krank.......cheap not in a million years that ive seen the cheapest one ive seen was like 500 bucks and i dont even think it had tubes and it was a tiny 15 watt ss stack that was as tall at a guitar and was a stupid idea that krank made......