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i like G
and i think D7 is the worst

there ya go
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the most pure - C, E, and G
the worst - I really dont like A
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What you're actually asking is what voicing/inversion do you like/not like. cos saying you like C and not A doesn't make any sense.
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i like the ones i can actually reach.
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I love E, and recently became rather attached to A. I think one of my least favorite sounding chords is actually G7...
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My fav sounding chord is probably C#m7 played x42400. Cant really think of my least favourite, im not a big fan of dim7 chords though.
the open G ringing is my favourite chord. i think its the purest sounding chord there is on a guitar.

i can't think of the most horrible sounding chord, too many numbers and stuff to add to the end
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Every chord has its use. Obviously, a chord in an inversion won't sound as strong.
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F and C. The "F" where the "A" string is fretted, idk what it's called, but it sounds good
G and Cadd9 sound pretty freaking pure to me. As cool as E is, it definitely doesn't sound "pure."

You can like the sound of a chord just like you can like the look of a colour or the taste of a food.
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Hmm. These answers are interesting.

I have always found the beauty of a chord by the way it filled its spot in a progression.

I wouldn't really be able to choose a favorite chord without something to enhance its meaning.
Favourite: C7
Why: It just sounds so cool.
Least favourite: Bm
Why: Barre chords suck, and I can switch from anything to any other barre chord just fine, but it's always the Bm that ****s me up.
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I really like A. If you play all the strings, it's just such a silky chord.

D and F aren't that pure to me.
E sounds cool... but not 'pure'
G is closer but not quite there...
but the purest has to be D... if you play it with the thumb on second fret top string

a7 sounds horrible
my fav is Emadd9. Sounds so cool and pure and mysterious all at once =]


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With the loss of tonality and the opening of cultures, such things like "C9 sounds bright and Am-(b5) sounds dark" don't exist anymore. The more types of music you listen to, the more will you stop thinking this way, because you'll find Am-(b5) to sound bright and C9 to sound dark, too
^ seconded.

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Iunno, I like D because of how versitile it is, you can strum, pick, and move the shape all over the fretboard with cool results. Then again, you can do that with most chords, so I suppose that dosen't make sense *shrug* hehe

As playing is concerned, Gmaj7 annoys me (or rather, annoys my ring finger xD), but I love dem' funnnnky tones
This one is my favourite chord structure curently; 3x5033 it sounds so pure like it sweet sugar disolving in your mouth
I love Am and dislike D

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Dsus2 is nice and relaxing
CmAdd9 is dark, wonderfull and mysterious
E7#9 is Funky
Am sounds good
Emaj7 is happy

Theres a few of my favs at the moment

And i don't like er....playing any of these chords on a out of tune guitar

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I like the Major 7th chords and 9th chords most.
The worst for me is a stright A. Boring.
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