Does anyone use these? I've got a set on now, I've been playing them for like 3 hours and they wont stay in tune for ****. Do they just take a long time to break in?

I think they're 9's, if it helps.
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have you stretched the strings? grab a string, pull it away from the guitar and do this moving down the string at a couple of points and then do it for the other strings keep retuning as you do it and then when you're finished it should stay in tune like normal.
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Yeah like any strings you need to give them a good stretch, but then they should be fine. I've been using nano web acoustic strings for over a year now and they save me changing strings ever 3 weeks like I have to with regular phosphor bronze strings. I've been told to try the new Dean Markley Alchemy strings but haven't seen them anywhere yet, might buy a pack online?
Yea you gotta stretch em like any other string. I used em for a while they dont rust like regular strings. But I was breaking them all the time, like 1 a day. So they werent lasting to long. I use a heavy pick and hit strings pretty hard. But Ive read elsewhere on the net Im not the only one with the problem. I went back to the regular strings and noticed the tone was better and havent broken a string since.
I love Elixir's. These guys are right, for the first day or so, it will do that. Just stretch and tune.