Guys, i have a question.. In the digitech rp150 you have to pass trough all the effects to find the one you are looking for? or you can modificate the effect list so you dont have to pass trough all the effects and stuff, you just have to press and you will have your desired effect?....

Sorry for my bad english, dont know if all the words are correct .. Thanks, take care
Yeah you do have to pass through all the effects to get the one you're after. But on the plus side, you can edit and move effects around on the RP150 to the most convenient places for you on the list.
So i can put my favorite distortion (example), next to my chorus and other favorite effect, so when i press i will have the chorus effect, and when i press to the previous effect i will go back to my distortion?.. I can put my favorite effects wherever i want?
The smaller multi FX pedals all have one problem...They can't mix FX.

Now the larger Line6 POD XT Live and X3 Live both can mix more than one pedal around in the virtual chain.

On the other hand you can change the order of each "Patch" on all these FX units. I own a Yamaha Magicstomp and love the sound it offers as well as can change the order easily with the USB cable but you are limited to how many FX pedals you can put on a chain in a patch...Most of the time is just one effect per patch which is why I'm switching to the newest floor pod.

To answer your last post, you can put your distortion effect on patch 1 and then the chorus on patch 2 but you can't combine them unless there is a patch made for it in the RP150 which you would have to put on patch 3.