Hello all this is my first post. I have a really dumb question that many of you could probably answer with ease.

I bought this one korg metronome but i dont know how to apply it to practicing.

heres a speed/scale practice example.

e--8 5----10 8-----12 10-------15 12-------17 15-------20 17-------B20
b------8 5-----10 8-------13 10-------15 13-------17 15-------20 17

Im not familiar with using a metronome but I heard it is very helpful and i would appreciate some help on how to use it. the metronome gives me the options of beats and im guessing bpm. dont know how fast i should have it set and how many beats im suppose to be using
I had a really hard time learning how to use a metronome but now I basically got it, I can try to explain it as best as I can.

Ok obviously your metronome goes tick tick tick tick, right. If it is going TICK tick tick tick TICK tick tick tick TICK, turn that off so it just goes tick tick tick tick tick. The scale above you looks like 8th notes or 16th notes so that means for 8th notes you would have to notes per beat. So set the metronome to about 70 or so to start off and play 2 notes for each beat. If you want to go a little faster play 4 notes for each beat (and those would be 16th notes).
SO I'm guessing you've never used a metronome before. It's a pretty simple device, it clicks or beeps in time with a tempo.
So each time you go to practice with a metronome start it low around 50 or 60 bpm and what you are aiming to do is 'bury the click'. Playing in time with the notes so you can't hear the clicking sound. When you are comfortable at 60 bpm and not making any mistakes increase the tempo by around 8 bpm.Keep increasing your tempo until you are no longer comfortable.
With your excercise it's probably best to start out playing 1 note each beat, then when you get comfortable tryin playing 2 notes for each beat.

Also remeber to mix it up, don't just play the one scale or position all the time or you'll end up with RSI.
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^ Great advice! Someone actually understands how to use a metronome (despite
its simplicity).

Bravo for "bury the click". That's about the most important thing to know.

The metronome is a tool to help you establish precision in your rhythm. Precision.
You want to hit the beat EXACTLY. Not a little before, not a little after. If you can't
do that, you really won't be able to play very well at faster speeds.
Ok guys, I'm also a bit of a muppet when it comes to the gnome....How do I judge what speed I should set the metronome to? I would like to learn how to play songs in good time but I'm never sure at what speed I should set the metronome for the songs. Any advice gratefuly received. Cheers,