hi guys, first time poster here, and i apologize if im not in the right area. first off, id like to thank you all for being so helpful, this is a kick ass site with a lot of information, and my impression is that there is nothing but the best here. i am a beginning guitarist, never picked up an instrument before. i have been trying to play alot of tabs with some success. acdc hells bells tends to be my favorite right now, cuz i can do it hehe.

my question/s is/are....

i want to hook my pc up to my "aux in" on my amp. is it possible to obtain drumbeats to actual songs, and play them via the pc and have them play through the amp while you play along with the guitar? i have guitar pro 5, dont have any idea how to use it, it looks kind of complicating. any other ideas along the smae line would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks guys!

i bought a fender strat pack from guitar center, and it came with everything i need to get started

fender squire strat
fender 15g amp
there's a good tutorial on how to make backing tracks in the UG contribution section.
If going through that whole process is too much just to get a realistic sounding drum beat, then you can just download the guitar pro file for the song you want, then mute all the instruments you don't want to hear (I'm assuming that would be everything but drums)