okay, I wrote this song in 3 days, and I think it's the best song I've written. I'm not sure what genre it is though, so please help me figure that out. I wanted to make something a litle more musical than before and this is the outcome. Oh yeah and one part is different in GP5 than in the audio. Crit mine and Ill crit yours.

click here for the audio file (Walpurgis)

click down there for the GP5 file (sry no GP4)
Walpurgis - RSE.zip
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Thanks for the crit! I did do the singing..

I'm listening to the audio version right now....

I'm trying to figure out what this sounds like...
It's well arranged. I like all the different parts. That surely must have taken some time! The lead lines should come up a bit I think, though subtlety has its advantages as well.

Very foreboding at the beginning. I also appreciate the rhythm the bass is playing. it makes the feel of the song. and I love the breakdown part.

So, I guess turn up the lead lines? That would be my suggestion.

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as weirdjon87 said, i like the way its arranged and the orchestral stuff in the beggining and ends is a nice touch. your tone, particularly with the leads are great too.

the drums im guessing are there to help you keep time and such, but personally i think they get in the way of the song, especially that crash cymbal! it sounds too generic and MIDI'ish if you know what i mean.

also as a suggestion, instead of playing that bell melody, a piano with a little sustain would sound better imo, especially with the chords played along. good song overall though
Yeah, I can't quite pick out what genre this would fit into, haha, but I think it's awesome. This whole song reminds me of pirates or vikings or something, especially the intro and the stuff that starts at measure 18.

There were a couple notes that didn't sound quite right to me, like the transition from measure 16 to 18. Track 4 holds out a B and it sounds good for the first measure, but when the chord changes and throws in that Bb there's a lot of dissonance. I'd take that down with the chord to Bb or make it fade out by then or something. Also the bent note in 34-35 and the sustained one in 95 (both on track 4).

I love the riff that starts at 36 and the acoustic stuff right after that at 52 was probably my favorite part of the song. It reminded me a lot of the Gerudo valley song from zelda, especially when it throws in that tambourine part. The solo on top of that is awesome and fits nicely, but I didn't like how it ended, I thought it felt cut short.

Cool song though, it's got a very unique sound, keep em comin
Ahhhh. The drums.

As for the music, it's great. Very epic sounding. I can really tell this took time. The structure to the song is good, it flows nicely. I think it's like a cross between Dream Theater and a slight hint of some Yngwie. Haha...

Just need to fix those drums.

Check out "Instrumental" if you get the chance, please.
I'm listening to it right now, and I love everything except for the drums. In general, you really shouldn't use the crash the way your using it in here; use a ride or hi-hat for that. Everything else was probably a matter of this being a GP song; when you get this recorded for real, the drums will sort themselves out.
Thanks for the crit on mine.

You can tell this is RSE and so it does sound pretty lame, when it comes in with the drums and guitar but i can hear the songwriting aspects and it sounds really ace. Love the classical/orchestra theme at the start, really nice. Remindsme of Stratovarius, especially with the harmony guitars at around 1.20 or so.

Cool breakdown, really flows well, nice lead lines too. Very melodic.

I like the repeated theme. Pretty catchy also sounds quite anthemic in a way.

Xylophone/Celesta breakdown wasa bit unexpected but it works - i like how it builds up into the end.

Good stuff. Would probably sound quite unbelievable if it was a proper recording.
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