Im looking for a dual rectifier or a rectoverb, I will be willing to trade my white fender strat and a b-52 amp head and pay 600 dollars but if you dont want to do that maybe we could still work a deal out.
Thanks Jim. Here's the Rectoverb.

Selling the Boogie. This thing is awesome and extremely versatile with the 5 voicing switches and the boost feature is extremely useful. Perfect condition except for a small tear in the cloth on the cabinet. Includes the amp head cover and the footswitch. Looking for $800 for the head and $600 for the cabinet plus shipping. I'd prefer not to ship the cabinet as the thing is heavy. I am willing to drive up to 50 miles and meet someone half way (or if you're only 50 miles away). Feel free to ask me any questions about it.

ALSO, I am willing to do a partial trade on a Carvin Legacy cabinet (2x12 or 4x12) or a couple of matching Avatar 2x12's.

how long would you be willing to hold the recto verb cause right now i only have 600