I just designed something in Photoshop, and now it's saying I don't have enough Ram to do anything, including Save, Screenshot, or copy. Is there anything I can do to save it? I didn't save it before, and it's ****ing sick. I'm so upset.
close Internet explorer to free up more ram.. GTFO UG!
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lol you silly, dont delete stuff, it wont free up ram, how about dont run as many programs or get some more ram put in.
if ALL else fails you could take a screenshot of ur work hahaha.

but then it would just be a jpg and you wouldn't be able to edit it as easily.
I screenshotted, and even though it said I didn't have enough ram to do it, IT WORKED.
I'm so happy right now.
Here's what broke my photoshop!
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>_< D'oh
45 days without my precious UG...

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I don't know either.
I guess my photoshop didn't like me making something decent for once.

Bah. I tried everything. I tried running all my adware cleaning programs, I closed every program but photoshop, I got rid of almost all of the history, and still it wouldn't work.
My photoshop kept saying the same error every time I tried to do something, and that was 'Not enough ram.' Which is BS because I've got 1 gig.
Eventually when I screen shotted it, even though it had the error, I could still paste it in paint.
So, it's alright. I think I'm happy with it.