Just what the title says, my friend gave me a 4x12 cabinet, its some homemade Pos but it was free. I am trying to remove the back to see how it is wired and figure out how many ohms it is. I removed the screws on the back but I can't get the thing to budge. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
if it covered in that 'pleather' stuff it might be sticking together and you may just need to get between the layers and pull them apart.
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Wait a minute, theres a bunch of other screws that i didnt even see. This is a really weird cab. I'll see if that works.
You could measure the resistance with an ohmmeter. That would save you some trouble.
I will have to check out these ohmmeters, i think i have worked with some before. I got the back off, but now I am trying to wire it to be 8 ohms because I believe the previous owner modified it to be 4.
There seems to me to be only two wires to connect the speakers to the input on the back. The diagrams I have looked at seem to say that I need to connect two sets of two speaker wires together. Sorry if that doesnt make sense.
I am looking at doing the last setup listed on this site
8 ohms optimately.