I am looking to buy a good bass guitar in the $200-$300 price range. Also i am into playing Metal-type music but i dont know which bass to get. Any suggestions?
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yamaha basses are good for that price range, and a epiphone thunderbird(although it might go up to $400, depending where you buy it). good luck.

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See if you can find some Samicks. They can be pretty good for what you pay for them. They're often rebranded though. Cort also do some pretty good stuff in that price range. Personally, I'd avoid Epiphone, but since there's already two threads bashing the T-bird on the front page, I'll leave it at that.
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Didn't you just say you're not playing metal music? Wtf?

Anyways, a Squier Vintage Mod bass, or even a Peavey Millenium should do you fine.
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no i spelled into wrong but i AM into playing Metal.
and thanks.lol.

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I'd suggest looking for an Ibanez or ESP...they nearly always do well for metal

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