is this an all tube amp? and if so is it loud enough for medium gigs?

hahahah I am half asleep, I meant to write amp the whole time...
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yes it's all tube, and it has lots of volume, but not nearly enough headroom for my tastes. got for the 30 if you're gonna be playing stuff with more cleans at higher volumes.
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IMO AC30 sounds better when they're both at equal volume too.
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IMO AC30 sounds better when they're both at equal volume too.

I love the AC30CC's, but the AC15's don't hold up, IMHO.

I see you're in California. In the States, there's many 30-40W all tube combos you can get for the same price as the AC15. If that's the kind of tone you're after, I suggest you look into the Peavey Delta Blues. Awesome amp, plenty of power.
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