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haha Kurt Cobain is underrated... man that's something i thought i'd never hear.

i know its so weird(sarcasm)
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
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I'm pretty sure Kurt Cobain is one of the most OVERrated guitarists ever.... don't get me wrong he's a great songwriter, but most of the people I've talked to on the matter give him way too much credit as a guitarist.
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i know its so weird(sarcasm)

Haha, I like nirvana and all, but the guy's right, kurt cobain being on a "most underrated guitarists" list is an extreme twist. XD

But yeah, this whole list is pretty messed up. You got all these ultra-famous guitarists there but not actually much shred/metal guitarists who are extremely talented and hardly known.

But meh, rolling stone magazine is extremely biased and ignorant, anyways. (They gave a simple plan album 4 or 3.5 stars once. *barfs*)
frusciante and fripp are underrated indeed but all the others are "correctly rated" =P
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I agree with Mick Ronson, Robert Fripp (****ing beast!!!!), and prince.

but usually these rolling stone things are ****.
Someone explain to me why Kurt Cobain, George Harrison (good musician but not a good guitarist) and John Fruscinate are in the list, and Gary Moore isn't...

IMO Terry Kath is one of the most underrated guitarists ever.
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If putting Kurt Cobain at number 12, Zappa at 45, Les Paul at 46, and EVH at 70(!) on the 100 Greatest of all time doesn't show you how Rolling Stone is **** and that Cobain is overrated I don't know what will.
If it were real then all of them would be completely unheard of because all those are rated as at least decent because they have sold records.
FINALLY!! someone other than me acknowledges the fact that corgan is an awesome guitarists. and wtf is up with rolling stone putting cobain on the greatest guitarists list and underrated guitarists?
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