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Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/patterson/6772

Is your beloved Wii Remote still flying out of your hand and hitting innocent bystanders in the head (or worse, smashing your beloved plasma)? If so, help is on the way—in the form of a free silicone cover, courtesy of Nintendo.

Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo will start giving away the new Wii Remote Jacket, which the gaming giant describes as a "cushiony shield" for "people who might accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remotes while playing games," starting on October 15; the cover will also start shipping with all new Wii consoles. The translucent cover looks pretty cool, at least from the pictures, although we'll have to wait and see whether it interferes with, say, Wii Bowling in any way.

Ready to get your hands on your free jacket? Just visit Wii.com or Nintendo.com to place your order, or dial 866-431-8367.

Yes I got this off a blog, but it's true. I checked the website.

This is off the site.

The Wii Remote Jacket, a durable, silicone cover for the Wii Remote, provides a variety of benefits for the player. Nintendo will include the Wii Remote Jacket with all Wii hardware systems and with all Wii Remotes sold separately or packaged with Wii Play. Hardware featuring the Wii Remote Jacket will begin shipping to retailers from October 2, 2007 and is expected to be on retail shelves from mid-October, 2007.

The Wii Remote Jacket provides a cushioning effect if the Wii Remote accidentally strikes a person or object or is accidentally dropped or thrown. Use of the Wii Remote Jacket is meant to supplement, not replace, the basic gameplay instructions: keep a firm grip, don’t let go of the controller, use the wrist strap and make sure your play area is free of people or objects.

The Wii Remote Jacket also serves as a cover for the Wii Remote, and has been designed to be added and removed easily, in case users want to slip their Wii Remote into an accessory like the upcoming Wii Zapper. Nintendo recommends players use the new Wii Remote Jacket as a cushiony shield, though the current Wii Remote is a safe product when used properly.

Current Wii owners who want to equip their Wii Remotes with the new Wii Remote Jacket free of charge can click here to fill out the request form.

Honestly if you're not gonna read it don't post. Thanks
i never got how people can actually trow those things ? ¬¬

now people are gonna start getting raped by wii remotes
i got tired of my signature and i no longer has one

got the message last night..free wii mote cover...nice

Quote by the_extremist00
i never got how people can actually trow those things ? ¬¬

now people are gonna start getting raped by wii remotes

They're idiots....tossing it like a real baseball when its not needed...........
i threw a wiimote one time

it was like when they first came out, i was playing tennis on my friend's. someone walked into the room and i didn't know it. so i went for a vicious forehand, and i hit the new kid in the arm with the wiimote, which simultaneously knocked it out of my hand and broke the strap. it flew all the way across the room and bounced off the ceiling and then the wall. it almost kept working afterwards too, but then it died. luckily i got it replaced for free lol.
hehe it sounds good for kiddies, but not really for teenagers and adults. I mean, how can you not hold the controller right?
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isn't this why they come with wrist straps?

yeah, but a lot of people are retarded

i thought most of them bought xbox 360s but some must have gotten wiis for christmas or something
This is why I love Nintendo; they actually care about their consumer base.

Their products are always a robust, reliable piece of hardware and if, on the rare occasion, their happens to be a problem, they're always quick to remedy it.

Also, the beauty of this article is that the problem sighted isn't even specifically their fault. If people can't hold on to their damn remotes, even though Nintendo have produced even more durable straps, then really it's their own damn fault. How hard are they swinging their damn Wiimotes? Still, Nintendo stepped up, took responsibility, and offered a free fix.

I wish Microsoft would learn from Nintendo, so I don't feel trepidation every time I boot up my 360.

Anyway, I guess a rubber grip would have been a better idea for the Wiimote from the start.
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