as everybody says, sg is a compartively lighter guitar than the les paul. But in the world of guitars, which is the lightest and which is the heaviest and what are those guitars that fall in between?
This is a pretty absurd question but if you're a true uger, you should know right? XD
heaviest is probably the mighty les paul. lightest? not too sure, ibanez's are pretty light, and so are strats, but my friend says an sg is lighter than a strat....
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The heaviest I've played was a Yamaha SG 2000, 2 1/2 lbs heavier than a Les Paul. The lightest so far I think is my Cort CL 1500, but it might not be, I haven't actually weighed it, just going by feel. I've picked up guitars at music stores etc that are pretty light, various brands. Strats aren't exactly light, but that depends on the wood used. I have a Peavey Patriot that is the same size and basically the same body style as a strat and is probably the heaviest one I own, with the possible exception of an off brand Telecaster copy that must be made from leadwood... Usually hollow bodies are pretty lightweight, but some are deceptive, like the Gibson ES 335, it weighs more than you would expect for a hollow body.
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