Anyone else see that poor ****ing excuse for that call that ****ing moron made against the Padres. I was all jazzed up, jumped outta my seat, AND THEN HE HESITATED TO CALL HIM, safe? That was complete BS, the Padres should have challenged that. If I were the coach, i would have had a ****fit. The Padres deserve to go to the playoffs not the ****ty Rockies. Those bastards got lucky as hell.

Anyone else from San Diego or a Padres fan care to vent?

(Screw all you baseball haters and Rockies fans, i don't care for your input)

but anyways yeah it was a bad call, but hey that's human error for you. human error is part of the game. anyways it made up for the home run that was hit but was called a double. if that would have been called the right way the rockies probably would have won anyways. (i'm not a rockies fan btw)
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I didn't see the game, all I can say is...


I don't have a problem with the Padres or the Rockies until they play my team.
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That call would have tied the game, and started the 14th inning. Its a 50/50 thing. Smokey, piss off.
he hesitated to see if the catcher hung onto the ball, he was watching to see if the catcher had the ball and not if he hit the plate, it was close enough to be called safe in real time so he called him safe. the padres couldnt tell it was a missed call from the bench so they didnt freak out. there is no replay in baseball either so they couldnt have challenged as you wish they would have. the only reason we know it was a missed call was from the replays that got shown over and over. if you had never seen a replay of it you wouldnt have known he actually missed the plate . so just deal with it, if the padres are so good they should have locked up a playoff spot without having to go to a one game playoff
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