I need a derogatory name for my ping pong team. Go at it.
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You Sir, have made my night, thank you.
the poops.
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flaming balls
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go back to sleep
Waking up with boobs? Is there a visine for that.

something along those lines
edit: heheh, hope that's not too derogatory
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bucking falls
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name one Ping and one Pong and heve jerseys and go all hardcore dress up

A ping pong team?!
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Dude, your hair owns.
Have a pie.

the chinks?
assuming you're asian..
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guys, i got it. pucture = the rare breed of green fruits that tend to laugh scoffingly and then question a statement. AKA lolwut pears

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My COUNTRIES badminton team have called themselves the black cocks.

Nah I've heard it's been dropped (thankfully) because condom companies wanted to sponsor them.
I bet TS hasn't even looked at this post since he made it.

Also, Black Jesus and the Ethnicity Pals
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.

...like, the sound it makes... I'm kinda out of good ideas for today.
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Paddled Balls maybe?.... did i fail... i think i did
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The Big Balls. Hairy Balls. Ball Sackers.
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
The only name I can think of is "Conking Balls"...sounded better in my head actually...
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if you're talking about a "table tennis" team... you should be slaughtered for calling it "ping pong."

if not then how about: "team beyblade" ? many people will laugh at you, guaranteed.
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the porch monkies

Now THAT'S derogatory
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

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