I haven't done anything at all on the guitar ive been building because i have no idea where to get the plastic to make the pickguard and i can't get a pre-made one because its a wierd shape, does anybody know where i can buy this?
Thanks for the help, i was hoping there may be an actual shop i could buy it from but it looks like ill have to go online.
If it doesn't have to be 3ply you can carve one out of a large tupperware lid.
I got a plastic dish tray at the dollar store and used a hacksaw and exacto knife set to carve it out .works fine for me.The best part is it was semi transparent so you can just lay it over the wood and still be able to see the cutouts and screw holes then just trace your design and cut away.
I should have some pictures of it in my profile soon.
pics of gear updated on profile 11/16/09