Ok, so my drummer and I always jam before we practice, to see how tight we are, and stuff. I decided to record today's jam, and it turned out to be a brutal death type of thing, old school death metal or whatever. Alot of syncopation near the end, and we didnt know how to finish it so I just faded out.

I mess up on some of the tempo changes, nothing too big, but I was experimenting with the riffs but didnt have enough time to make more that fast. The way we do it is I start off, nod my head towards him, and we start. As a tempo change approaches, I nod my head and mouth "faster" and bob my head at the next speed, and it usually means about a measure more, or after the current riff is done, and then when I want to repeat something, Id just wave my hand and mouth "slow riff" and it works, except for near the end, where he was caught off guard, you can hear like a "wtf" moment and he busts into some sweet groove thing. Nothing technical here though. Today felt like more of a grindy day.

Syncopation starts around 1:24, and starts again around 1:30.

We might develop this into a song just for fun, with some gurgly gutturals and some harmonized guitars and whatnot.
Damn, I wish I was there with my Korg, it would make the jam even better than it already is.. Dave is really an awesome drummer. I like the whole tempo changes and the good riffage, it's short though, you should have added your awesome growls or a solo of some sort but as a jam that was fucnking beautiful.
Nice job to you and dave..

lol, would you like to listen to my new song with vocals and **** ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=684308
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