im a through and through metal head. however i cant find any good metal to get stoned with? except a bit of sabbath.

i've been cranking NWA and snoop and old school gangsta rap. Loving it. Ive noticed heaps of metalheads dont mind old school rap either.

What do you metal stoners listen to?
Mastodon. You could try doom kinda stuff like sleep and high on fire too, or just whatever you want really, I like to listen to Primus as well.
They move on and become upstanding members of society.

As for you, go on myspace and just randomly search through the metal bands.

Find the most ****ed up sounding **** you can and go nuts.
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
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Yeah, and some Neurosis as well as some old Isis. I don't get high but if I did it would be to them.
Go to the Rec thread in the metal forum.
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