Hi all. I need to buy cheap guitar effects processor. It's a sad day and I've had much better than these in the past. I know that none of them are going to be great, but I need to know which is the best of the three. I live in Australia where the Zoom and Korg units are around $100, the Digitech being an extra $20 or so. Which one would you go for? I don't have the available time to get into a store to test them (and would be embarrassed doing so! lol)

Also if there is a better product for the same price could you please suggest it.

I'm willing to sell you a Zoom G1, brand-new, for $80 (AUD). PM me if your interested. In my opinion (not being biased, I also own a Korg) the Zoom is the better of the three.
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dude, get urselg a digitech. they own the crap out of zooms.


the RP50 is crap

the RP150 is slightly better, listen to the two clips on my profile if ya want, they were recorded with it
yes i had heard the lower range digitechs were trash, however any zoom i've ever come within 50 metres of i've turned and run the other way with the tone. i haven't however heard the current ones (not to say they're any better). to the other question about why i would want one I've found myself in financial bother and have had to sell my GT-8, my marshall amp and my esp, so i've only got a strat left and for the sake of being able to play still i just want something i can run through my pc to jam for the time being. I play mainly rock and metal. I like dual rectifier type metal tone though, nothing too toneless and buzzy. I'm the kind of player who will take 3 hours of tweaking to get a tone I like and won't like 90% of the tones in a unit. I do have a good ol Boss Hyper Metal HM-3 here which is unfortunately just a buzz factory through my logitech z-5500 speakers. Somethign with amp and speaker modelling is probably best for me hooking up into such a system. Again I know the scenario isn't anywhere near ideal, but i need a slightly usuable tone rather than just clean strat thru the speakers and the hypermetal.
i must also add, back in the dark ages a mate of mine owned an original zoom 505, and it sounded terrible, that's probably what's making me wary of the G1. can anybody comment on how the G1 has evolved tone wise from the 505 (the original, i never heard the 505II)
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dude, get urselg a digitech. they own the crap out of zooms.

I'd call that just pure bs.

From what I've read, the new Zoom's have surprised pretty much everyone who has used the old Zoom's, because the new ones are actually good (I have Zoom G2.1U). I haven't used the Zoom G1, but the G2 is great. I love it.
I had an RP300A, which is the same model year as the RP50 and I'd say get the AX3G. Both the newer RP's and Zooms are better so I hear, but based on the models you listed I would rate the AX3G as the best. The song Fun deLay on my soundclick page was done with an AX3G straight into the computer.

The GNX series is better if you can find one cheap used on eBay. I got a killer deal on my GNX2 used ($75 USD). I rate the AX3G as best tone for the money. Plus you can put batteries in it and use it as a headphone amp with FX. It's small enough to throw in a gig bag.
I've owned the Zoom G2.1u for about a year now, and I'm just not satisfied with it. It has an eerie far away sound, like what one might experience listening to something with a drop of water in the ear. I much prefer the sound of my old 505II. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. The G2.1u also actually has fewer presets. Banks A and B have 10 patches each and are for live performance while banks C and D are the same patches, but just adjusted for recording. Then those entire 4 banks are duplicated again with numbers and those apparently are not movable or alterable. I really have no idea what they are for and why there should be so much wasted patch space. Thus, there are actually only 20 different preset patches to choose from. My old 505 II had banks A - F with 6 patches in each for a total of 36 different presets. It was also clear and did not have the eerie distant feeling of the G2.1u. Also, the G2.1u does not have preselect, which my old 505 II had. The people at Zoom say they had to remove the preselect feature in the G2.1u to have faster switching speeds going from patch to patch. I think that was a big mistake. A person now has to stomp through all the in-between patches – letting them sound out -- before getting to the patch desired. I'm thinking now about buying a Digitech, but the tuners are terrible. How can they possibly expect accurate tuning with led's lighting up? When tuning, one needs a continuous transition, like what is found on the Zooms. With led’s there is too much "play" going from one to the other to have good accuracy. Any comments?