Hey, this is on my wishlist really but we've got a battle of the bands final comming up and if we win I was thinking about nagging the band for a wireless system lol. I like the thought of being able to wander round without tripping up and wave my guitar round without having to worry if the cable's gona snag!

I borrowed a cheap wireless set to use at glastonbury fest this year but the sage techies wouldnt let me use it, summit to do with the fequencies or the way it worked, i dunno.. all I do no is it was real cheap one! thing is if I buy a wireless system I dont want to ever have to deal with anything like that!! .. EVER!!

So can anyone recomend any GOOD systems for bout 300pound that wont get interference from mobile phone's ect? I will need to get an extra transmiter to for me backup guitar!

cheers, chris
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