Hey guys I have been playing guitar for about 6 months now so im not a beginner and I'm not really good either. I was wondering what would be some good songs to challenge me but not be too easy or too hard. Thanks in advance.
What kind of music are you into?

You could just look into songs you like and learn little parts from them. Nothing is too complicated if you dedicate enough time.

Have you learnt any theory yet?
I'm guessing this thread will get closed in a minute because, but i shall point out there a beginners song thread on hear which should have some stuff at your level.
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Check the stickies in the Tabs forum. There is a huge list of beginners tabs there. Or click on the sticky in this forum and follow the link to the beginner's tabs application.
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I have played a whole bunch of those songs and I feel most of them are too easy. I play like all kinds of rock, doesnt really matter to me unless its acoustic (dont have one) or country. I like chili peppers, AC/DC stuff like that, so If anoyone has suggestions that would be great.