ok for about a month and a bit i have been trying to learn how to sweep pick,
i didn't want to have to come here and ask like so many others so i tried the online lessons on this website and you tubed yngwies sweep picking vids.
but i still can't seem to get it, something is just wrong about it.
so i thought i would finally ask some advice for someone here who knows how hard it is to learn and would maybe explain how they over came any difficulties they had to face when learn sweep picking
its pissing me off cause its the only thing i cant get a hold of
i play metal and can do everything else like p.h. tapping. speed picking
its just this that i have had trouble with
any advice or comments will be welcomed
What you need to do is take it slow. Find a few arpeggios and slowly (very slowly) play them with JUST your fretting hand. You may know how to speed pick and play fast, but you gotta take it slow and learn how to build up the muscle memory to sweep. After you have mastered the fretting (meaning fast but ACCURATE), then move on to playing with your picking hand. It will take a lot of cordination, and you will also have to know in which direction you want to start the sweep and back the other way. Slowly try to get your hand in sync with eachother and gradually build up speed. It will not sound clean at first, but once you have built up the muscle memory to play it fast without really having to think about the fingerings or pick position, you can then focus on cleaning up the sound.
For starters, don't watch Yngwie for help. Take it slowly! It'll take a little while for you to get the hang of it, but it's all downhill from there.

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i think that may be the problem
because i can already shred pretty well normally i htink that may of made me think ''this shouldnt be to hard''
thanks ill try it how ljk825 said and see if i progress at it
what i thought was slow probably isnt so ill slow it down a little more lol

any more advice still welcome btw