Alright. For a music essay in my school, i have to describe a musical performance from 3 different perspectives out of:

Audience Member
Recording Engineer
Group Member
Back up singer

If anyone has any experince with any of these positions, your views on them would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Ive done soloist for piano, as well as accomponiast. Both can be rather intimidating being that everyone is looking at you and specificaly listening to you, very different to playing in a band or orchestra like I also do.

Ive been an audience member of course:p depends on whose preforming to what experience you get really...

Group member.. Ive played in bands, and play double bass in a string orchestra. Its honestly very good playing in a group, especialy an orchestra as if you make a mistake people can cover you up, it also advances your playing alot by the fact your learning from the musicans around you.
Alright thanks, mind if i cite you as a reference or something?? i already got accused of plagarizm because i used the word Vibrato and im in grade nine
Um if I was you id find a book or site on this and not use me as a reference.... It doesnt work well using a statement that has no site or book for it... I suggest a libary or searching the net... But if your desperate sure...