ok...i have uploaded 3 guitar pro files last saturday and i can't find them on this site...were they rejected or something?
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yeah.. the UG invented the new system in accepting tabs... every member who has 3 accepted tabs can reject or accept ohter people's tabs...
and this is where the ****ty part comes in ... you can have a perfect tab... for example.. i uploaded "dont's bus my chops" - Ramones... and it was correct.. it got confirmed by lots of people on this forum... but it got rejected by someone... who hates ramones...

you could have the same problem
so.. i posted the tab on this forum.. and asked someone to accept my tab once i upload it again...
they did =)
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It should say somewhere in the 'My Profile' section (top right of the page) as to the status of your tab.
There are many reasons why it might have been rejected; too many versions already, people voted to reject it are the general reasons, so have a look in the profile section and see if you can find out if they were rejected (if so trying again sometimes works).
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