Yes, I'm still a noob. If you don't like st00pid questions, please leave this thead.

How am I supposed to put the 7th capo on the fretboard? I know it must be as close to the frets as possible. But is the corner supposed to be as close to the wood as possible or should the capo be centered on the fingerboard? Also, how much force must it apply... I don't want to damage the neck. I don't get the idea the rubbers sit properly, I got string buzz. The neck is a Wide Fat PRS SE.
You clamp the capo over the 7th fret? It should sit right unless it's a crappy capo.

What type of capo do you have?
The brand is "G7th", it's supposed to be "the best capo". Yeah sorry, forgot the "G" in the name. Maybe I'm just too careful with the neck; just got the guitar a month.
Capos always go right behind the fret wire. The force should be just enough so that all the strings sound clearly when strummed open.

BTW, you're nuts for paying $40 for a capo
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