..which means that i as a senior have to give a couple of lessons to the younger students. I was thinking of perhaps doing some social games or something to make it fun but im not sure? What does UG think?
I always thought It would be fun to teach social studies

But I would stick with what I know best like math.
Do you pick what class and everything?
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Hehe. Well im playing a literature teacher so maths not an option, and i dont think i would teach it even if it were. And i teach the classes that have their lessons with the teacher that day (and she has classes with forms 6-9 tomorrow which means 12-16 year old dudes&girls)
just do....absolutly nothin, sit back and reeeeeeeelllaaaxxx.

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OK the day will start in an hours time and i need some ideas on what to do, and fast
Bring in shaving cream to spread over the desks and have loads of fun! ... sounds hopeless for you.
For some of your classes you could take a play by shakespeare and tell it to the students as a story. Then give them the task of putting it into a different time or place. An example would be Romeo and Juliet, being turned into the prince and princess of 2 alien races that are at war, who fall in love.. But it doesn't have to be Romeo and Juliet, You could do other plays.
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And, I say teach intuitive lessons from the Kama Sutra with live examples.

Or, you know, you could teach them to divide fractions. Sadly, hardly any teenagers can do that.
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