Does anybody else have this game? I am absolutely terrible at it. I am so used to the 2k sports hockey games that this control system is completely screwing me up.

I also can't seem to get anything done on defense. I just end up running around trying to check people and poke check them only get get a tripping penalty.

Anybody any good at this game and have any tips? I used to win 90% of my games in the hardest difficulty setting in the 2k sports games, but in NHL 08 I'm only winning about 50% of the games on the Pro difficulty.
Well, it depends of the platform. I heard that it was harder on the PS3 and XBOX 360 because they worked more on the realistic side of it. While on the PC, well I barely see any difference between the 07 and this one, because it seems that they based themselves on the PS2 platform, which the game didn't advanced either. So basically, they focused more on the newer platforms, and just threw leftovers to the PCs, PS2 and GameCube.

EDIT * The last NHL I played before the 07, was the 2003... so it was big change and I sucked just like you, but now, been like 2 months of playing, I'm destroying teams with scores up to 11-2 or something (while playing in the hardest difficulty).
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