My father passed away recently, and I inherited his guitar.

His guitar is a modified 1965 Fender Duo Sonic II. It's been painted over to be blue with darker blue flame things going around the pickguard and all that crap.

One thing he also did was get the pickups changed. The Bridge pickup is now a humbucker.

Now, I'm not very good with guitar electronics, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of Pick-up this might be.....

It LOOKS exactly like a Duncan SH13 Dimebucker. ONly difference is the fact that it doesn't have any signature on it, or name... Also, the pickup has to at least be 15 years old....

So does anyone know what kind of pickups look like that?
Are there any Kent Armstrong pickups that look like that? Any pics?

So you know, my dad toured around in a metal band in the early 90s, so he probably used pickups that were good for metal...

I couldn't tell you now though, the thing is in absolutely terrible shape. I'm going to have to refret the thing, because the frets are so worn down that it's almost impossible to get a good sound out of it anymore.. At the same time, the electronics need work, because the volume nob works like crap, and the pickup switches are starting to suck.
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I think they made one, the LH-500 or something I think it was called, which was what Dimebag actually used, google it, i'm not much of an expert.
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