Well ive been working away at this for a while now, 5 minutes and ive got some lyrics for all us noobies *a guitar tracks and crazy solo to come too*

I am noob and
I am proud
Tits out girls
Lets do dad proud.

working on the second verse now, anyone feel free to help me out
Hello choppamate.

There is a nice forum called songwriting and lyrics, where you can post your own songs/poems.

Make sure you read the site, forum and particular songwriting and lyrics forum rules before you post to avoid having your thread closed. Thanks mate.

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aww now now nwo thats not fair i didnt know that

should have read the FAQ then, as it seems you've just posted a series of stupid posts some of which are just flaming and spam and as such i'd ask you to please step away from the internet and go outdoors.

*reported* for just generally being a retard.